DAS Audio Since the beginning, DAS Audio has been driven by the passion and dedication of our employees.   Sound is everywhere, and making it bigger, better and more powerful, is what they do at DAS Audio.

DAS Audio realizes that their products are the tools of the sound professional and that their performance, durability, and reliability are mission critical. 

As a family-owned business, DAS Audio's company culture was forged early on. DAS Audio believes in staying close to  customers, and in appreciating their enthusiasm and sacrifice in doing what they do. Encouraging and optimizing the quality of these relationships is part of their DNA. 

DAS Audio actions are based on a profound respect for people and their businesses, as well as respect for their own. DAS Audio maintains a strong commitment to employees, customers, and suppliers. This has been the cornerstone of the success of DAS Audio. 

Since 1971 DAS Audio's commitment has been to constantly improve products and services. This learning experience has given us the possibility of offering technological solutions that satisfy the needs of DAS users. Just as sound is everywhere, so are DAS Audio systems, in use every day, somewhere around the world.


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