DAS Audio XTA is a leading professional audio company based in the UK. We design and manufacture professional audio equipment used extensively around the world in both live touring and installed applications. From humblest beginnings in a spare room in Worcestershire, to the million pound facility of the present, the XTA story is far from ordinary

With a history stretching back over 25 years and being at the forefront of DSP technology, XTA is well placed to design and manufacture audio signal processing.  Our background in live production audio has given us a wealth of knowledge in just what’s required to produce the highest quality audio with the best processing and simplest (stress-free) control.

Our sister company, MC2 Audio, manufacturers of professional audio power amplifiers, enables us expand our design skills to produce amplifiers which now combine all the best processing, control and amplification in unique products that are as applicable to live touring and festival sound as they are to high class club installations, theatres, sports arenas, cruise ships and everything in between.

But don’t just take our word for it - over the years we have OEMed and rebadged products for the likes of Tannoy, Celestion, EAW, Turbsound, Martin Audio, Bose, Dynaudio, Quested, Funktion One, Aura Audio, DAS Audio...the list goes on.


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